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The Yoga of Music – Healing & Love Mantras for the Mind Body & Spirit by Lea Longo

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There are many forms of Yoga, and one I enjoy mostly is Naada Yoga – The Yoga of Music through Sound and Mantra. Music is sound. Mantras are sacred texts.

When we use music mantras, we are using sacred texts with melodies that calm our mind. It is a transcendent sound or vibration. Mantra Yoga helps calm the mind so we can focus on our heart center and bring joy into our life.

It was on a trip to India that I discovered music mantra and its calming effects.  It not only made me discover a new style of musical expression, it also changed my life.

So, what is music mantra or Yoga of Music, you might ask?

Music Mantras is ancient knowledge from India, it was a well-kept secret for many centuries. Its tradition goes back to the Vedas, and their scriptures. All mantras are manifestations of the divine. When we chant a mantra, we are chanting to a higher source. You can tap into your own self-power and divineness with the sound of your own voice through mantra. Your voice is a reflection of your soul.  It is your unique self. It is your truth. Once you repeat certain mantras, they become you and you become the mantra. It becomes a meditation. When I chant the mantra OM, it is like there a wave of clarity that sweeps over me, and it clears my mind.

How does this happen?

The power of sound is still unexplored in our consciousness when it comes to application for purposeful means. All sounds, whether it is a word, phrase, chant, mantra, or song can become a powerful influence and energy for achieving a desired result, each carrying a specific frequency or vibration. The mantra is a vibration. The quality of the vibration will depend on the sound factor, intensity, desire and/or intention of the one producing it. The mantras I like to use are healing and love mantras.

The most sacred and well-known mantra is OM or its variation AUM.  Om, is cosmic vibration – the word of God/Universe.

Other mantras I chant are:  Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha – a healing mantra for liberation from sufferings.

And my favorite Love mantras are Krishna Mantras – Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha dedicated to the beloved divine lovers, Radha Krishna and Om Parama Prema Rupaya Namaha –“Om and salutations to the supreme divine love, I honor you and welcome your presence in my life, manifesting in the form of a beloved.”

Naada Yoga must be experienced to understand it: it is not an intellectual experience, it is a soulful experience. We chant in a group setting, there is a leader (called Kirtan wallah) that sets the tone, rhythmic pace, and melody. We chant this pattern in a repetitious form, which we call call and response. Then it’s up to you to let go and try it. The more you let go, the deeper the effect.

Lea Longo

Try the Experience – Lea Longo Chant Concert – “Songs of A Siren “ CD Launch –August 20

I invite you to come experience a Kirtan concert. You don’t have to sing, but if you do, you will experience what chanting really is.  You will re-discover your own voice and be part of the musical experience. We will become “ONE” voice.  Simple.

Come join us on Wednesday August 20th at 8:00 Pm at Le LION D’OR, on Ontario street in Montreal, for an “enchanting” evening of song and love mantras from my new CD, “SONGS OF A SIREN.”

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased on my website at or

See you then – OM

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Yogini, Kundalini meditation teacher, author and award winning Canadian singer/songwriter, Lea’s voice is pure, smooth and soothing to the ear. Her early influences of pop and jazz have gently seeped into each song alongside her heartfelt stories of home and life experience. Several of her songs from her pop album have been featured in popular movies and television shows as CHEAPER by the DOZEN to DAWSON'S CREEK. In 2006, Lea discovers the world of yoga chanting and mantras from her travels to India and becomes immediately entranced by the power of the mantra. She immediately decides to pursue mantra chanting at a deeper level and becomes a Kundalini yoga instructor. In 2007, she records and commercializes ZEN Voyage, a CD featuring 10 sacred mantras based on Sanskrit texts. Her second CD, Peace Chants features 10 mantras. Lea’s voice is captivating and pure, leading the listener to a peaceful and meditative state of bliss. In 2008, Lea starts the Montreal Kirtan Community group which has over 300 members today. She also travels across Canada and abroad, sharing her passion for Naada Yoga with her musicians chanting in several notable festivals including Wanderlust. In 2012, she founded the Montreal Music Yoga Festival where Kirtan music plays an important part. Her New CD , SONGS of A SIREN is a mantra jazz album featuring well known jazz standards mixed with mantra, she is nominated for VOCAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Presently besides performing, she continues to produce chant festivals in Montreal and teaches private meditation sessions.

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